dusty waters by YaliniDream

there is deep pain the world seems not to feel

beneath dark earth flows

rich blood, burned bones, torn tendon

she is slowly being paved

less dust

less foot to sand

after droughts

when luscious waters finally fall

unable to sink

they flood

soul to soul

skin to skin

dust to dust

they blood

they word

they one

they they

they she

she she

she he

she heal



she I



We, Lands of muddied red soil unable to swallow the mounting bodies

We, Seas of Spirits of dark drowned skins

We, Moons who witness the horrors thought unseen


harness the power unions release


healing courage truth love faith dignity

balance alignment connection unity

understanding stillness risk integrity

passion joy desire creativity

focus wish

surrender, now and infinity

as the Universe activates stars

the body activates cells

as the moon pulls the seas

We Waters Rise

We Rise

We listened to the pain

intended to be felt

We are the power that can not be unseen