Blocked Writer

Blocked Writer
by YaliniDream

When you know your potential

are hungry to fullfill it
yet find yourself having to fight each step of the way
fencing off harm
pausing for the pain
sharpening defenses
stitching your own safety net and parachute in one as you fall, tumble, & find your way back to ground,

the difference between where you are and could be
can make the distance you’ve come feel mediocre
regardless of your brilliance or journey.

And yet on the deepest days of doubt
when mediocrity, rejection, judgement, blame, fear, abuse, weariness
take thick ghostly grip,
it is that same pain that
compels many of us to live.

“I have so much more still to write.”

How tightly tied some times
is the wish to die

to the wish to thrive.

photo by YaliniDream