How I bring Arrack to NYC

In response to the orientalist imperial post
How Mesh & Bone Brought the Rare Sri Lankan Spirit Arakku to Chicago 

We wrap our bottles in churidars & long skirts.¬†Pack them tightly in our suitcases where the presents had once been. Let the shop owners believe we are bringing the drink home for our uncles and fathers. Afterall their eyes do sparkle with the teary scent of home in their glasses. But these are for us. To celebrate with friends who travel 9000 miles through bordered applications, qualifications & evidence to toast in our apartment and then slip in gaping absence from our touch. These spirits are to soothe us, after weathering the tantrums to our bold & honest ways. The bottles will empty, reminding us it’s been too long that we’ve been gone. There are graves to visit, children to see, trust to be restitched, and promises to fulfill. We fill the bottles with water and plant cuttings, letting roots grow– calculating the dollars and days till our return. This is how I brought Arrack to New York City.