For Our Andre Alexander Lancaster

My dearest friends, family and community, it is with deep loving sorrow I share that our beloved Andre Alexander Lancaster, our Andre, our Dre, our brother, prince, revolutionary, saint has passed onto the other realm. His soul is free.


I recognize that the pain of this profound loss is incredibly deep for many of us. He shaped the core of so many. As he transitions, all the parts of us he touched will reverberate, and we ourselves will also transform. Our sorrow honors Andre and reis a testament of how important he was and is to us. So feel the pain. We must grieve lovingly, however, and not let this pain become a poison that is harmful to ourselves or others. Be present with whatever pain emerges, let the tears flow, and interrupt toxic thoughts. Try to turn regret into wish, desire, and invitation. These moments are openings for us to transform, become wiser, and renew. Putting ourselves down gets in the way of that. Recognize the regret, allow yourself to transform and release it. Anger is a natural part of grief—an expression of pain. Allow this force to help clarify your truth. Find the desire beneath the anger. The mystery of grief is a fertile, murky, magical place to manifest from. Center your LOVE and let the energies of accountability, fairness, and justice flow from there.


I believe that this time over the next 30-40 days is a very important time for our beloved Andre’s soul. That to gather, share story, lift up his love, genius, visions, and contributions supports his transition. I highly encourage those who knew Andre to meet with others to honor his presence and legacy– even if there is only one other person in your town who knows him. For those of y’all isolated, call or video chat with folks. Or as Andre taught us heal through creativity—write, sing, dance, draw or read. Andre was reading James Baldwin and Hanya Yanagihara before he passed. He was also an avid Octavia Butler fan.   As we comfort and support ourselves and each other, we also support Andre.


We will definitely have a celebration of Andre’s life in NYC. Please be patient as we figure out details.


I also want to recognize that while I was one of Andre’s primary supports over the last few years that there are other folks in his support network I don’t know. If you have been supporting Andre especially over these last 2 months, please please direct message, email, or call me.


Thank you to Andre Alexander Lancaster’s beloved mother Josie Coleman for birthing this precious soul into this world and along with his father Clyde Lancaster, brother Jerome Lancaster, sister Malika Lancaster, and all his Aunties and Uncles for raising this incredibly good hearted, brilliant force and gifting him to us and the world. I’m sending you so much love for this excruciating time. Thank you to Chrystal and Jamie for caring for our beloved Andre in your homes and loving him up so good. Thank you to Andre’s and my teachers Sharon Bridgforth and Amparo Garcia Crow for guiding and affirming me in such a way that I am able to offer these insights to y’all. And most of All, Thank you Andre for being my best friend, brother, collaborator, and inspiration for these past 20 years. I really thought we’d have at least 40 more. And I know that you are still with us lovingly caring for us and blessing us with such powerful gifts.  You are sewn into my being. And your impact on this world is eternal. I love you so much.


(I’d love if y’all could write in the comments below how you knew him and a memory you have of him)

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