It’s up to us

I refuse to allow humanity to continue on this poisonous painful way that we are in. To be on Earth and not work towards another way of being, to me– is allowing it.  It’s heartbreaking and absurd that human economies, governance, shelters, food, travel systems– everything—is set up in such a way that suffering, destruction, misinformation, and violence is not only permitted, but it is cultivated and spread.

Earth is a beautiful incredible place. Nature offers us such powerful wisdoms, magnificence, nourishment, and medicine. This Earth offers such great potential for humans to live joyfully. So many places where humans could live well-fed and sheltered with ease and joy. Places that humans were designed to inhabit. With all the potential, humans have to create and utilize complex technologies, there is even greater potential to live with ease and joy.

There have been many communities throughout humanity throughout time that have lived harmoniously with each other and the Earth.

In this moment, in time, however, humanity is set up in a way where most people throughout the world experience or contribute to violence throughout their lives from early childhood to elderly years. For centuries, unprecedented new forms of mass systematic violence have continued to emerge– embedding and infecting generations. Ancestral neighbors, families and tribes have been ripped a part and placed structurally and culturally against each other. The wars are increasing. Corruption is brazen.  Authoritarianism is strengthening.  The greedy & exploitative have been gaining more power, influence, control, and resources. There is so much unnecessary pain, suffering, violence and injustice.

I must resist being subjugated by such horrific ways. I can not surrender to the logic that this is just how things are and other ways can’t happen.  I feel too deeply to be on this beautiful Earth and not work towards a complete redesign of how human systems function.

I believe, like Aunty Norma Wong reminded me, that our futures have great potential to be more glorious than our most legendary pasts. Technology would serve to support happiness and care for all of us.  The priority of governance would be to cultivate joy, creativity, nourishment and peace for as many people as possible.  The energy, labor, time, effort, and resources once used to force people to comply with a violent, exploitative, bigoted system will be used towards technology races to provide humanity with the most creative, safe, and enjoyable housing and shelter.  Children will play with each other through hologram adventure games defeating some of the worst aberrations in human history and dancing the best dances.  We could harness healing and divine energies towards love and thriving throughout humanity.

You are right to think that achieving that is a daunting feat.  The greedy and exploitative will not relinquish power easily.

Freedom won’t happen on its own.

It’s up to us to accelerate us towards glorious futures.